Dokters & Esthetiek Kliniek

Project in progress


Dr. Karlien Van De Sijpe founded the D&E Kliniek in 2006. The clinic specializes in aesthetic medicine and surgery and is located in Ninove and Melle (Ghent). The clinic also offers treatments and services in the field of exercise and skin care.

The Request

The D&E Kliniek already had some digital communication elements: a visual identity, a website mainly in Dutch and accounts on Instagram and Facebook. The clinic needed to strengthen its digital communication by increasing traffic to its website.

Our Services

  • Translation of the website into French
  • Management of the social networks in Dutch
  • Paid campaigns on Google and social networks
  • Creation of PowerPoint presentation templates and personalized email signatures

Social Media

With a rhythm of 2 posts per week, we provide D&E Kliniek with an online presence on Instagram and Facebook. The posts are a mix of topics such as featuring the clinic’s doctors, educational/informational posts about medicine and cosmetic surgery, and highlighting events that the doctors attend outside of the clinic.
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Particularities of the Project

Our services for D&E Kliniek included the translation of the website into French, so that it could address patients from all over Belgium.

In addition, we produced PowerPoint presentation templates and email signatures for the clinic’s personnel.

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