Dr. Marie-Isabelle Al-Awa

About Dr. Al-Awa

Dr. Marie-Isabelle Al-Awa recently moved from Waterloo to Sint-Antonius-Zoersel. She specialises in aesthetic medicine and offers various treatments for the skin, face and body, all in an elegant setting.

The request

A few months ago, when Dr. Al-Awa had her practice in Waterloo (under the name IMA Clinic), we took on the task of creating a new logo and managing her social networks for six months. When she moved to Flanders in the summer of 2022, it became necessary to rebrand her practice and create a new website.

Our services

  • Creation of a logo and graphic charter
  • Creation of a trilingual Dutch/French/English website (design and SEO)
  • Management of bilingual French/English social networks: Instagram and Facebook
  • Photo shoots

Visual identity


Dr Al Awa logo couleur Portfolio Dr. Marie-Isabelle Al-Awa


The initials of Dr. Marie-Isabelle Al-Awa (M.I.A) are used to create the logo icon.

Dr Al Awa logo fond fonce Portfolio Dr. Marie-Isabelle Al-Awa

Colored background

Declination of the logo for use on a colored background.

Graphic charter

The objective is to convey to her target audience a professional image of a doctor, in an elegant and exclusive setting.


We have chosen a palette in beige, black and white – symbols of elegance and cleanliness.

Teal blue is the accent colour. This colour evokes the calm and tranquillity of blue and the balance and growth of green.


Chonburi is an elegant font. In a website or other written material, this font will be used mainly for headings and subheadings.


The Quattrocento Sans font is preferred for paragraphs. This “neutral” typeface is specially designed to allow high readability of small to medium sized text on screen.


Website design

Desktop version

Realisation Dr Al-Awa Desktop 1
Realisation Dr Al-Awa Desktop 2
Realisation Dr Al-Awa Desktop 3

Mobile version

Réalisation Dr Al-Awa Web Mobile
Réalisation Dr Al-Awa Web Mobile
Réalisation Dr Al-Awa Web Mobile

Social medias

With a pace of 3 posts per week, we have ensured Dr. Al-Awa an increased online presence on Instagram and Facebook, resulting in an increase in appointment booking, at her practice. The posts are a mix of topics such as educational/informative posts about aesthetic medicine and available treatments, as well as a showcase of the doctor herself.

Realisation IMA Clinic Post12
Realisation IMA Clinic Post11
Realisation IMA Clinic Post10
Realisation IMA Clinic Post9
Realisation IMA Clinic Post8
Realisation IMA Clinic Post7
Realisation IMA Clinic Post6
Realisation IMA Clinic Post5
Realisation IMA Clinic Post4
Realisation IMA Clinic Post3
Realisation IMA Clinic Post2
Realisation IMA Clinic Post1

Particularities of the project

Our collaboration with Dr. Al-Awa also included several photo shoots: of the doctor herself to make her social media more personal, but also of treatments and results on some patients.

The doctor’s website was created with WordPress. The trilingual written content was provided to us by the doctor, however, we took care to set up the search engine optimization (SEO) in all three languages.

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